Skill-Based Programs


The Trailblazers program is a three-level program that brings campers on a journey to learn survival skills and appreciate their connection with nature. The three levels are Greenhorn, Scout, and Tracker. Each level has a required 4 key areas of mastery which are Fire, Water, Shelter, and First Aid. There are other areas of mastery that campers have to complete as well, to fulfill additional requirements. Campers get a bit more freedom to choose these, but some examples of areas are as follows: Animal Life, Plant Life, Hiking and Signals, Orienteering, and Tools & Crafts.


The canoeing program is the oldest program here at camp, where campers are challenged to hone and perfect their canoeing skills through the three levels of the program. These levels are Bowman, Sternman and Master. Each level comes with new skills to learn, and gained privileges at the CDW waterfront. Bowman are allowed to take out a kayak, Sternmen learn how to maneuver a canoe alone, and Masters earn themselves a spot on the coveted Masters canoe trip that happens at the end of each summer.


The Archery program here at camp is also comprised of three levels, Bullseye, Hawkeye, and a third level which namesake is determined by the camper who can achieve it that summer. You’ll spend your time learning about the arching equipment and its care, practicing your accuracy, and helping other campers with their arching skills. If you want to spend much of your free time behind the shooting line, this is the program for you.


Our newest skill-based program is our Fishing Program, where campers take to our Deep-End Dock and cast their lines to complete the three levels of fishing mastery. These three levels are named after fish: Perch, Pike, and Arapaima.
Campers learn about fishing tactics, equipment, and the Mullica River ecosystem. Campers that achieve their Perch may use a spinning rod (all beginners are required to use Bamboo rods), and earn a spot on trips out to Medford park to go find big catfish.