Camper Questions

What will I do at camp?

A whole lot of different and exciting things.  Every day there are assemblies, where you’ll have a chance to pick the activity you want to do.  Each assembly has a variety of things to choose.  Maybe a sport, like softball, soccer, or a camp favorite- waterball.  Arts and crafts are popular, you could make a bracelet out of string, or make a bead alligator we call a lizigator.  You could make a candle, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, or build sand castles.  And that’s just assemblies!  During free time, you could go fishing, play tetherball, or just hang out with friends.  There’s lots of free time to chill with your friends, and that gets to be important for campers.  Then in the evening there’s an activity that the whole camp gets to do together.  We call it “Evening Activity.”   Then off to spend time with your cabin mates before bed.  

Will I be bored?

It’s a challenge to get bored at camp.  And if you do everything there is to do, the counselors will help you find something new.  They’re good at that.  It’s their job.

Where will I sleep?

Campers and counselors sleep in cabins.  Most cabins have room for ten people- 8 kids and 2 counselors.  A few of the cabins are a little bigger.  (Returning camper challenge: Can you name the cabins with more than ten beds?  Answers below.)  Most of the beds are bunk-beds, and you get to pick your own spot when you get there.

camper cabin - Arapahoe


Camper cabin - NickyB

Hey, the water’s brown. Is that… uh… what I think it is?


Are you sure?

Really sure. The creek is lined with lots of evergreen trees like cedar and juniper. The roots of these trees sit in the water and release a chemical called tannin, which turns the water brown, sort of like a tea bag in a mug of hot water. Most of the water in South Jersey waterways looks like that.

What will I eat?

We have a kitchen staff that’ll make three meals a day, and a snack at night. There are so many choices that we’re bound to find something you like. We’ve got salad for everyone and vegetarian options too.

What is the first thing I will do when I get to camp?

Check in with the office so that we know you’re here, and can tell you what cabin you’re in. Next, we send you see the nurse for a head check to make sure you’re healthy. Lastly, you can go put your stuff in your cabin and meet one of your cabin counselors.

That didn’t sound like much fun. What’s the second thing I will do when I get to camp?

Ah, here’s the good part! You will come hang out in what we call the Main Area- a place in the middle of camp where most of the free time is spent. Once you get there, counselors will help you meet other campers, play some games, and get comfortable. Then we’ll get dinner before we really get rolling with the campfire!