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As an alumni of Camp Dark Waters, you know what an important part of summer Camp Dark Waters is to a child.  You understand the value of having the chance to run around barefoot, build new friendships, live, play, and learn together in our camp community.  This is what we love to do.  But we can’t do it all ourselves, we need your help.  Below are some of the needs we have identified where you can help.

If you would like to help with a tax deductible donation, they can be sent to office or accepted at the link provided below.

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Development Committee

We are looking for people interested in helping us achieve our goals in fund raising and public relations.  If you have experience or desire in this area we really could use your help.

Environmental Committee

 Our natural setting is one of camp’s most important resources.  This committee is responsible for protecting our natural landscape.  Volunteers who have expertise and/or interest in preserving our unique setting for future generations would be especially appreciated.

Property Committee

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy working with their hands and have a desire to help make camp look its best.  If you have experience in construction, or can just swing a hammer, this committee could use your knowledge and help.

Board of Directors

 We are also interested in finding dedicated individuals who are interested in joining the CDW Board of Directors.  Parents often have a unique perspective on the strengths of CDW and the areas we can do better. In particular, we could use parents on the board with fund raising, public relations, financial, construction or legal expertise. The board meets nine times a year at CDW in the evening.

Of course, you may also have other skills and experiences we haven’t thought of yet.  Have an idea of ways to help camp? 

We’d love to hear them.

Please contact us and let us know how you would like to help.
(609) 654-8846