Financial Aid

Camp Dark Waters believes that money should never be a reason a child doesn’t attend camp.


The Dark Waters Campership Trust Fund was created to provide partial camperships (scholarships) to families with limited financial resources who want their children to have an outdoor camp experience.

While exceptional cases will always require special consideration, the following guidelines and expectancies will generally be applied to candidates for tuition assistance:

Your camper(s) must be registered to attend the camp before consideration is given for tuition assistance.  The camp must have received $100.00 or more as a registration fee payable to “Camp Dark Waters, Inc.” for each camper applicant along with a completed online registration.  Registration fees are credited toward tuition. They are refunded if the camper cannot be registered or is not approved for tuition assistance or for some other reason.

The Campership Trust Fund Advisory Committee cannot review any financial aid requests until all required pieces of information are received:

 1. A description of the child.

This should include interests and hobbies, personal characteristics and why the child is interested in attending     Camp Dark Waters.  Information as to what you hope your child will gain from an experience at Camp Dark Waters should also be included.   For campers new to CDW, the Advisory Board wants to know how the candidate’s strengths and interests might contribute to the camper population and how the candidate might benefit from an experience at CDW.  For a returning camper please describe how the child benefited from the camp experience last year and why you feel it is important to provide for another summer.


2. A copy of your first page of last year’s IRS 1040 form showing your adjusted gross income


3. Optional – Are there any extenuating circumstances you would like the Campership Board to take into consideration?

Once the camper is registered and all information received, we will consider your campership application.  The amount of tuition assistance for each child will be determined based on total family income (which you will report on the DWCTF campership application form) and any particular circumstances you wish the Board to take into consideration.

Since our Advisory Board wants to make assistance available to as many children as possible, tuition aid will be limited to a single two-week camp experience per camper.  Camperships are available for the two-week camp sessions as follows:  June 20 – July 4, July 5 – July 18, July 18 – August 1 and August 1 – August 15.  Assistance in one year will not imply nor obligate the Advisory Board to provide funding in another year.

Campership application(s) and recommendations should be sent to, Camp Dark Waters – CTF, P.O. Box 263, Medford, NJ 08055.  As soon as a decision has been made, you will be notified and sent additional registration information.  If you have questions, you may call the camp office at (609) 654-8846.