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  • Be a team player
  • Enjoy working with children and genuinely care about their well being
  • Have high self-esteem and a positive outlook on life
  • Be honest, responsible, and conscientious
  • Be flexible and easy-going- even when the “unexpected” happens
  • Have a good sense of humor and the ability to have fun with campers on their level
  • Have the ability to run the activities to which you are assigned with patience and understanding
  • Be a positive role model for children and take this responsibility seriously
  • Get along with, enjoy being with, and respect, people of all ages who are coming from different backgrounds
  • Have the ability to recall your own trials and triumphs as a child to better understand your campers
CDW Staff 2023

As a CDW Staff member I can expect to…

  • Make some of the best friends I’ve ever had – among campers and staff
  • Feel good about the work I’ve done
  • Learn a lot about others and myself- to teach others at the same time
  • Do some of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done
  • Have the greatest time doing some of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done
  • Work hard 
  • Have fun, laugh a lot
  • Be exhausted – and beyond exhausted at times
  • Be outdoors – all the time
  • Grow into a better version of myself
  • Experience incredible challenges, along with my campers
  • Feel overwhelmed at first
  • Work with other dedicated staff
  • Be given significant responsibility and autonomy
  • Be expected to try my best, not be the best
  • Live in close quarters with others who may be very different from myself
  • Make mistakes and learn from them

Working at Camp Dark Waters is one of the most challenging jobs one can find as a young adult entering the workforce. If you are ready to push yourself and be a part of this wonderful community, the work may be the most rewarding.