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For fifteen and sixteen year olds who want a challenge, this two week trip requires determination, teamwork, and a love of the outdoors.Teen Adventure Camp!Explore with your team and experienced guides while learning new skills and pushing your physical limits. The classic CDW community – with tougher terrain.

If you were a camper at CDW and enjoyed the overnight trips, you will thrive as a TAC. Appalachian Trail CDW is our base camp on this trip – we stop in once or twice during our two weeks together – otherwise we’re moving non-stop from one adventure to the next.One day we’ll be rafting down the Lehigh River, and the next we’ll be hiking up the Appalachian Mountains! The trip itinerary includes virtually every outdoor pursuit that the NY-VA corridor has to offer… plus a few you’ve probably never even imagined. The end result? An epic trip that blows any other trips out of the water!


Mountain Biking



TAC Surfing Hiking



Survival Skills

Get ready for new outdoor activities every day, cookouts every evening, campouts every night, and every minute in between filled with outdoor action.  The trip is like a family road trip – but designed for teens… with no boring pit stops allowed!  Your TAC family includes other teens with your same zeal for exploration, plus two skilled counselor guides to help you along the way.

No prior experience is required to be a TAC.  Counselor guides help you every step of the way, sharing the skills needed to enjoy the activities and surroundings, while keeping you safe too.  Your success on the trip depends only on your attitude – excitement, focus, and optimism are all mandatory!

So hop in the TAC van, buckle up, and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget…you can catch your breath when it’s over!!!


“Tac has helped me realize how much I want to stay healthy and active.”

“Get ready to get dirty and have the time of your life.”

“I really feel connected to myself and nature, and am aware that I can push myself further physically than I ever thought possible.”

-Quotes from TAC Trips